Creating a 5-Year Business Plan in Music



          I dont think that I would be going out on a whim If i stated that the key to success has to be patience & consistency. Considering that most of the artists I see flourishing in the Music Industry are in their early to mid-twenties and whom have most likely had an entertainment focus since early childhood

I say that to say reaching our goals not only takes talent, but also careful strategic planning that will not only advance our plays, our likes and other means of endearment but by benefiting our brand and our movement.

The music industry is very competitive and if you don’t stand out as an artist or a group you will be swallowed up by the sharks. Seriously. You will never get the attention you deserve by being stagnant or mediocre.

5 Qs to ask Yourself  

1. Who will be involved in the process?
2. What will you achieve?
3. When will you achieve it?
4. Where will you achieve it?
5. Why are you doing it?

I hope that this article helped inform you on some new strategies to help develop your Music Career and to Inspire

Written by J. Williams @DuaneBanx on Twitter

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